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No matter what college or university you attend you surely find yourself facing with a plenty of academic writing assignments. You get the tasks from your instructors in the variety of subjects and they expect from you deep knowledge of the disciplines, clear topic understanding and bright fresh ideas put on the paper. It seems rather difficult especially for timing situations. Besides to get successful scores you need to submit qualitative writing to correspond all the academic requirements, so your essay should be good or you can write my essay online.

Objective: How to write a Good Essay

Writing a good essay won’t happen with you occasionally. Good essay requires your complete commitment into a research and writing process. Remember, good essay demands not only talent and inspiration. It is mostly about your preparation, selection of proper materials for research. Besides talent and inspiration are usually good assistants in your good essay self-control, coordination and revision. If you are not self-assured in to convince you can write an essay online.

Before you write you need to coordinate your ideas and thoughts using the techniques of outlining, brainstorming, and free writing.

Good Essay: Time Schedule

The essay for appropriate scores requires 2 weeks of your time to complete it. Typical essay work schedule looks as follows:

  • Research requires ¼ of your time
  • Writing ½ of your time
  • Revision and editing ½ of your time

Prewriting step is the critical one element of a outstanding essay. In case you have less than 2 weeks time to submit your essay it is reasonable to write my essay online using the aid of writing pros.

Ideas Arrangement Strategies

Regardless your task and assigned subjects you can use five strategies to apply for generating new ideas and clarification the ones you have already. They are:

  1. Freewriting: non-stop writing focusing on the topic. Good technique for the case you have ideas already. While you write, do not care about grammar and selling. Determine the time for such approach and do your best to follow it up. When finished, read everything with a highlighter to select the best ideas for you essay.
  1. Brainstorming: in the result of this technique application you will have the directory of ideas, instead of the full sentences as with freewriting. Set a timer for 7 minutes and to put down all the opinions you have on the topic. Having it accomplished, read the list carefully and cross out all the useless information from your list.
  1. Concept webbing: simple process for a visual organization of your ideas. To create it just put the principle idea in the middle and add the related topics around it in the boxes and connect everything with the arrows having the mind map in the result.
  1. 5 whs: to have the complete story think about the answers for the list of questions who, what, where, when, and why. It is widely-spread method from the arsenal of professional writers. Finally, you will have the full portrait of an essay.
  1. Good writing reading: to have a good language taste you should feed it with the best quality reading materials. You can use outstanding periodicals and books with the best essay samples and writings to get the inspiration along with clear understanding what is expected for your side.

How to Organize the Writing Essay Process

Here is the tip from writing experts having huge practice in academic writing and ready to write an essay online. Before you write the first blueprint of an essay think about the methods your content organization and select the most effective.


Using this method you should group all the ideas together and select major and minor ones. Having defined the major idea please connect all the other ones in the logical structure. At the moment you can see the contingency between the ideas. In case you feel the lack of supportive facts you can easily add them.


While you read your prewritten material you should have clear understanding of the essay purpose, the whole essay major parts and their categorization, the minor parts of the essay and their relation to the major parts. The secret is your essay thesis is the answer for the first question.  Now you can draw a pyramid with this thesis on the top. Below you can write the major parts, and the bottom part is for the minor ones. In the result you have the clear picture of your essay.


This method is useful in case you have the troubles with 2 previous ones. Using this technique you should rank all the pre-written ideas from most valuable to less valuable ones. You can also apply chronological order of your ideas arrangement.

All the mentioned instructions are the helpful hand for your successful essay. These techniques are used by our professional authors on the pre-writing step. They can also write an essay online for you.

Finally it’s time to put your essay on paper. Now you are free to sharpen your writing material and finalize it. We remind you to re-read it and make editing as far as you can be surprised with silly mistakes you didn’t notice previously.

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